Trust Me, I’m a Banker

You may well not have heard of WACT, the ‘World Association of Carbon Traders‘ and some of the slogans on the placards they carried in Saturday’s Climate march may have surprised a few, though it would have been hard to miss the irony in ‘Trust Me, I’m a Banker‘ or others such as ‘Greed is Green‘. They also stood out from the others taking part in not following the recommended dress code of blue and preferring pin-stripe suits and ties.

© 2009 Peter Marshall.
‘Carbon Trader = Eco Crusader’ and WACT’s logo is CO2$

I don’t believe that photographers should pose people or tell them what to do when taking photographs – though I might occasionally ask someone to turn their placard so I can read the message, in general I’m at pains not to intervene in the situation I’m photographing. But as I photographed this group of ‘city gents’ (and ladies) coming down the road I couldn’t resist pointing out they were approaching the Institute of Directors, with the hope that they might in some way react. And they did, running across the road to pose for a group photograph in its doorway.

© 2009 Peter Marshall

Of course it is only too obvious at the moment that many people are profiting from climate change and that carbon trading is one way that the rich can make money and keep in charge – markets are always controlled by those with money.

More about the WACT and more pictures on My London Diary.

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