Paris Photo 2009

I don’t think I’m going to make it to Paris for Paris Photo this year, although I always enjoy a visit there and there is so much to see not just at the show but also elsewhere in the city.  Even though this year it won’t be ‘Le Mois de la Photo’ – which only takes place every other year – there is always a lot of photography to see at this time.

© 2008 Peter Marshall

It’s also a good place to meet a few old friends from around the world, and those who live in Paris, including Jim and Millie Casper. Lensculture is one of the truly essential photographic sites and partner in Paris Photo and Jim has put a great set of one hundred and sixty-seven images on line from the show to whet your appetite for a visit there. I just don’t have time to write about them all, but there are some fine images there (and just a few things I hope never to see again.)    But I can’t resist mentioning a lovely Inge Morath colour image I’ve not seen before.  There are also of course other things worth taking a look at in the new ‘issue’ of Lensculture.

Just thinking about it again to write this short note has made me think again, tempted by the idea (and I’ve even downloaded the accreditation form.)  But given the value of the pound and my lack of commissions and sales at the moment a trip like this is very hard to justify, at least to my accountant and the tax man.

© 2008 Peter Marshall

You can read and see rather more than the above two pictures from my trip last year in a ‘PARIS SUPPLEMENT‘ on My London Diary. And perhaps I’ll save up to make the trip again in 2010.

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