March 2017

Protesters at the Home office call for an inquiry into the ‘Battle of Orgreave’

March seems a very long time ago now, with so much having happened both personally and nationally since then, which is a part of the reason it has taken so long for me to complete updating My London Diary for March.

One of those personal events was the show ‘All Along the Lea’ at Cody Dock, which took quite a lot of time on the computer preparing images as well as a couple of visits to the venue. It also stirred me to go and visit the area again and take some more pictures.

Another was my appearance on stage – an extremely rare theatrical moment – at Battersea Arts Centre. Not that I had to learn any lines to make a contribution to the discussion I was asked to take part in – with fellow panelists Jeremy Hardy, journalist Dawn Foster and theatre legend Max Stafford Clark – after a performance by Lung Theatre of their ‘E15‘ based on the activities of Stratford-based housing activists Focus E15 and using their actual words (and those of some other activists from Sweets Way) in a ‘verbatim theatre‘ play, but it did involve a whole lot of nervous worrying on my part, though I think it went rather well on the night. And there was also a slightly strange protest/publicity event in Battersea for the opening night. Lung Theatre ‘E15’ march to BAC.

I actually attended fewer protest than in most months in March, but probably took rather more pictures than usual, and these included quite a large number of panoramic images. These actually take rather longer, both to take but particularly to process afterwards. It is a slightly different process to normal, as what I see in the viewfinder is rather different from what I will get in the final image, requiring a little mental gymnastics, and its also vital in most landscape images to get the camera dead level to avoid a curved horizon. But it is the processing that takes up more time – and much more disk space.

My London Diary

Mar 2017

Easy to see why estate agents salivate at the thought of building on public land like York Memorial Park and the West Hendon Estate
West Hendon Estate
Cody Dock 2
Southwark march for homes & businesses
Canada Water

Vigil against Terror fills Trafalgar Square
Stop Central Hill Estate Demolition

Thousands March Against Racism
Lung Theatre ‘E15’ march to BAC

Police carry out another politically motivated arrest of LSE academic Lisa McKenzie
Police arrest Lisa again
LSE cleaners strike and protest
Wapping Walk
Orgreave Truth & Justice at the Home Office
JENGbA march to support Orgreave
Women protest outside Worboys hearing

Million Women Rise against male violence
Fukushima anniversary challenges nuclear future
Solidarity With Palestinian Prisoners
West Ham to Stratford – Channelsea River
International Women’s Strike Flash Mob
Death By A Thousand Cuts
Vigil for Thai Farmers
WASPI at Parliament

International Women’s Strike
From Russia With Love
Deal or Brexit Van
Tory Cuts Kill Disabled

Save our NHS March
Three Mills & Stratford
Leawalk to Bow Locks

Cody Dock
Bow Creek Canning TownLondon Images


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