New Topographics – Broadcast

Curator of photographs at George Eastman House, Alison Nordstrom talks to Brenda Tremblay  of Greater Rochester area public broadcasting organisation WXXI about the rather curious history of a small photographic exhibition that almost nobody saw which influenced a whole generation of photographers.

Of course we all know about the ‘New Topograpics’ or at least we think we do.  But certainly I found her short talk of considerable interest.

Of course I wrote previously about the new version of this show currently at George Eastman House and later touring – though not here.  Nordstrom mentions the slim catalogue for the original show – you can see a picture of it here. It had 23 black and white and one colour photographs- and 2500 copies were printed. The price Nordstrom suggests is considerably more than that paid in this 2004 auction. Also on Photoeye you can see more about the new book on the show by Nordstrom and Britt Salvesen, coming from Steidl at the end of the year. 

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