September 2016

Cleaners launch their campaign at the LSE for fair treatment

It’s been harder work than usual to finish the ‘My London Diary’ entries for September, but I was determined to do so before the end of October, and have just made it. I’m not sure why, but I’m finding it harder to really get down to work, and there were quite a few things that took up rather a lot of time, both events that make the diary and those that are more personal.  Or perhaps I’m just slowing down…

I did spend quite a lot of time writing a new talk, which I’d hoped to have given by now, but the event was cancelled. It isn’t quite finished yet, but I think all except the last-minute touches. And I did get a new camera, and have been spending quite a bit of time reading the manual and trying without much success to get my head around it.  The D750 isn’t a great deal different from the ageing D700 it will eventually replace, but enough to make life a little difficult, and I don’t yet feel confident to take it out for serious work. The D700 has obviously reacted to its usurper and, with a little help from me, has decided to more or less cooperate with the SB800 flash again, at least sometimes.

September 2016

LSE Cleaners campaign launch
Simon Elmer of ASH indicts LSE
Working Class debate at LSE Resist

Nanas call on Queen to stop Fracking
Polish Women’s ‘Black Protest for Choice’
The Ritzy’s Back for a Living Wage
Focus E15 – 3 years of resistance
Release the Craigavon Two
London Stands with Standing Rock
Life Jacket ‘graveyard’
Brixton Railway Arches

Save Passing Clouds
Awakening Compassion’ Vegan protest
Stop CETA at Canada House
Refugees Welcome Here
London to Greenwich & back
South Hill Park again

Shut Down Yarl’s Wood
Holborn Viaduct to Bethnal Green

DPAC block bridge over benefit deaths
‘No More Benefit Deaths’ rally
Giant Banner ‘No More Benefit Deaths
DPAC at Bromley Job Centre
BMA Work Fitness Assessments protest
Druids vigil against fracking
DPAC against cuts in care & support
Rival Brexit protests at Parliament
RCG Street Stall in Brixton

Baaba Mall boycott Israel
Sports Direct Day of Shame

Justice for Dalian Atkinson at IPCC

London Images


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