June 2016

Unless I’ve miscounted there are 34 stories on My London Diary for June, along with a few images taken as I travelled around.  I was trying hard to take things a little easier, but events were against me.

And events were also against the country. Although I can understand why so many people voted for Brexit, I think the reasons had little to do with the actual merits of the case and that it’s a decision that many will come to regret. Of course we don’t yet have any real idea of its consequences, though I think it almost certain that we will come out of it worse in every respect than if we stayed in.  Certainly politically, where Europe has at least acted as a brake on some of the wilder dreams of the right ring fringe which seems likely now to drive our Tory government.

I’m not a member of the Labour Party, but it’s sad also to watch its attempts to self-destruct. In Jeremy Corbyn they elected a leader who at least had a chance of winning the next election, with many policies that – according to the opinion polls – have a great deal of popular support, but from the start many MPs have been plotting determinedly to sabotage his leadership. He seems so far to have done pretty well despite this, perhaps why the establishment is so much against him, and determined to do him down. I’ve been listening to his speeches and photographing him for over 20 years and while I don’t always agree with him, I think he would make one of the better prime ministers we’ve had. Things are I think changing in politics, and much of the old left/right stuff is now irrelevant, just a silly political game which the media love for its simplicity.


June 2016

UVW Wood St Strike continues
Act Up for Love
London Still Stays
Thousands rally to Keep Corbyn
Kaya Mar’s Brexit Breakdown
Keep Corbyn – No Coup
Solidarity for Victims of Torture Worldwide
Pride London 2016
Migrant Rights & Anti-Racist Pride

Defend All Migrants
Yes to Europe Rally
UVW Wood St Strike Day 10

Rip Down the Ripper Facade!
Central Hill Open Gardens Estates
UCL Rent Strike Victory
Axe the Housing Act March

Municipal Journal Awards

Advance to Mayfair
London Traffic Deaths Vigil
Day 3 UVW Wood St Cleaners Strike
Hoxton Mini Press Book Launch
Punk London 1977
No Red Arrows Over Pride
Capita Racism Protests Continue
UVW Cleaners on Strike in City
10 Years of Cleaners’ Struggle at SOAS 100
Syrians demand break the siege of Alwaer
Congo Massacre protest
Call for a Greater Hungary
Rally against axing NHS student bursaries

March to save NHS student bursaries
Boycott HP against Israeli apartheid
Capita Cleaners strike against racism
Guantanamo Diary author remembered

London Images


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