March 2016

Rather to my surprise I actually finished uploading My London Diary for last month before the end of the month, thanks to taking the last two days of March off, and something of a less active period around Easter – less active that is apart from some fairly lengthy walks with my family.

I was so surprised that’s its been a few days before I finally got around to posting my normal monthly round-up here on >Re:PHOTO, but here at last it is.

There was one huge disappointment – although the cleaners at SOAS appeared to be about to win their case to be taken in-house, the management decided against it, though it is very unclear for what reason. One struggle they and I hoped had been won still continues – and staff, students and cleaners will be more determined than ever.

There was also one victory, or at least a partial one, with Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation. Although stated to be because of he was unwilling to accept further welfare cuts, this is hard to believe. IDS  was personally responsible for most or all of the cuts that have severely hit the disabled and for the vile sanctions regime that have left so many destitute and reliant on food banks, as well as to suicides like that of David Clapson – and many others. But his successor may even be worse.

My London Diary: Mar 2016

Act Up invade NHS to demand PrEP
Basingstoke Canal Walk
Staines & Ashford Walk
Syon, Isleworth & Mogden
Riverside Brentford Panoramas
Riverside Brentford
Belgian flags for Brussels

Hands Off Our Schools
DPAC’s ‘IDS Resignation Party’
Australians protest on UN Anti-Racism day

Marcia Rigg
Refugees Welcome Rally
Stand Up to Racism – Refugees Welcome march
Halt mass deportation flights to Nigeria
SOAS Cleaners Sense Victory
Houses of Parliament Budget Day
Kill the Housing & Planning Bill

Shut Down Yarl’s Wood
David Clapson – Sanctioned to Death

Unite against Benefit Sanctions
Ugandans protest rigged Presidential Election
UCH rally for Junior Doctors Strike
Set Her Free – International Women’s Day
IWGB Women’s Day protest over sacked cleaner

Vigil for murdered Berta Cáceres
Bunhill Fields Under Threat

Break the Silence! Turkey’s War on Kurds
Class War’s Notting Hill Pub Stroll
London is on Fire – IT is back

No Job Coaches in GP Surgeries
Shut Guantanamo, End Indefinite Detention

London Images

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