Thanks to L’Oeil de la Photographie for a story FullBleed, the channel exploring photographic stories which is a new YouTube channel showcasing films about photographers and their projects.

The one of the four short films featured in the story that caught my attention was of Glaswegian photographer Dougie Wallace photographed at work on his ‘Harrodsburg’ project (which I wrote about last October) and talking about it. It’s better not to rely on the subtitles which I think had a little problem with his accent on things like ‘grey imports’, ‘bit of flash’ and ‘go to import it’. Photographers just don’t ‘teleport’ even from outside Harrods.

Also on the page are videos of Paddy Summerfield and his project ‘Mother & Father‘ on dementia and Bob Mazzer talking about the pictures he would take into a bunker at the end of the world, the latest of a series called ‘Apocalypse Pictures‘ which earlier featured the choices of Summerfield and James Fry, as well as the first in a series ‘The Show’ which reports on a variety of photographic exhibitions.

The full set of FullBleed videos is on their You Tube channel, and they also have a Facebook page, the top item of which today is about the forthcoming Photo London but which also has some interesting links to items of photographic interest. Photo London for me is on the wrong side of a line about making money from photography rather than making money for photographers.

My own union branch began a series of videos, ‘Working Lives‘ a couple of years ago with an interview with Anne-Marie Sanderson, chief photographer at North London and Herts News, followed up last year with one on Freelance photographer John Sturrock who worked on social and political issues for the renowned Report agency in the mid-1970s and now photographs major regeneration and construction projects. I was filmed for the series last year, but it seems unlikely for various reasons that this video will ever be completed.

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