July 2015

Al Qud’s Day march in London

It seems to take me a long time to get anything done. But finally I’ve finished writing and uploading the diary entries and images for July to My London Diary. July turned out to be rather a disappointment for me in various ways, not least in my Nikon D800E suffering what I think is a terminal breakdown.

Jul 2015

Reinstate the Sotheby’s 2
BBC protest over Palestinian Hunger Strikes
National Gallery Leaving Party
Loddon & Thames

Kurds blame Turks for Suruc massacre
Make seats match votes
FreeSteve Kaczynski from Turkish Jail
Festival of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
10 years since Iran hanged gay teenagers
Ecuadorians support ‘Citizen Revolution’
Eritreans Vigil for Peace?

Falun Dafa vigil against Chinese Atrocities
Whitecross Street Festival
Justice for Tyree
Reinstate the Sotheby’s 4
The Jurors

Surround Harmondsworth
Al Quds Day march
IWGB protest at Royal College of Music

Sotheby’s 4 sacked for protesting
Save Shaker Aamer weekly vigil
Joint Strikers Budget Day Rally
DPAC Parliament Square Budget Day protest

DPAC blocks Westminster Bridge
DPAC ‘Balls to the Budget’
Darent Valley Path & Thames

Ahwazi crash secret UK-Iran business meeting
Sotheby’s ‘Dignity under the Hammer’ protest

July Stats
Re:PHOTO – 380188 page impressions = 12,264 per day
My London Diary – 163946 page impressions = 6288 per day


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