Clapton Park

This is my latest postcard, printed a couple of weeks ago to take to Hackney Wick, where the Wick Curiosity Shop was having a stall at the Hackney Wick: 2012 Community Meeting.

Clapton Park Estate, Lea Navigation © 1982 Peter Marshall

I wasn’t sure when I sent this to the printers exactly where I had taken the picture – it was after all 27 years ago.  At the time I’d only taken around 30,000 black and white photographs (and a few thousand transparencies) and could probably have told you exactly where each one was made – it was only a few years later that I started making more careful records. Occasionally I’d scribble the odd note on the contact sheets, but these were few and far between.

Looking carefully at the image, and at the pictures before and after it on the contact sheet I can work out that it shows the Clapton Park Estate, opposite Hackney Marsh.

Hackney holds some kind of world record for the 22 tower blocks it has blown up.  There were 5 blocks here (I think one is behind the others in this shot.) Two were blown up in 1993, another two in 1995 and the fifth was painted pink and converted into luxury flats.

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