Mary Ellen Mark (1940-2015)

I don’t often make web sites full-screen, but one you really need to see as big as you can is Streetwise by Mary Ellen Mark (1940-2015), her most memorable essay from Life magazine in July 1983. Time Lightbox also has a brief obituary, In Memoriam: Mary Ellen Mark (1940 – 2015) by Olivier Laurent on the photographer who died last Monday after a long illness. A tribute to Mary Ellen Mark’s extensive body of work will be posted on Timeon May 27th.

Her own web site has a great selection of her work from her books, starting with Passport, published by Lustrum Press in 1974, as well as other information and pictures. It has much more material from the book Streetwise including the texts and several clips from the film directed by Mark’s husband, Martin Bell.

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  1. There are many, many tributes to her now appearing on the web. One of them is on Mother Jones, a magazine she often worked for : Remembering Powerhouse Photographer Mary Ellen Mark
    It also has a link to a Leica video on her that is worth watching.

  2. ChrisL says:

    Thanks to both for the links.
    You may want to change the title to (1940-15)

  3. Thanks, I really shouldn’t write things when exhausted. No idea how that error crept in.

    And can I add another link well worth taking:

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