Deptford to Woolwich now available

Here’s the preview of the fifth and final volume in my London Docklands series of books with pictures taken before 1985 which shows around half the book. There are 90 pages with 82 b/w photographs.

The book is published as a PDF (ISBN 978-1-909363-13-7) and can be downloaded from Blurb for a fiver (I get the prices in Euros – €5,89 – when I access the page, but I think it is £4.99 in real money) and you can print any pages you wish for personal use. If you want a printout of the whole book, this is available in softcover from Blurb at €38,45 plus their exorbitant carriage rates, but copies are cheaper direct from me at £25 + £2 p/p for UK customers.  Contact me here.

At the bottom of the page on Blurb you can also find my other books – most of which are also available in print form more cheaply from me than from Blurb for delivery to UK addresses even if not listed on my contact page.

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