January 2015

Green MP Caroline Lucas speaking at ‘No Fracking Anywhere!’ rally on Jan 26

It was a New Year’s resolution. Among other things, I was going to keep up to date with My London Diary. And it lasted all of two weeks, probably longer than average for such things.

It might well have lasted longer if my computer system hadn’t decided to take a long rest in mid-January, leaving me working from my notebook. Even after I got it back working there was still a lot of catching up to do. So it isn’t surprising that I finished the month 20 days late.

It isn’t the only thing I’m behind on. I needed just another couple of days to finish my next book, and now its over a month since I did any work on that. Quite a few other little jobs too that haven’t got done yet.┬áBut at least now January is over.

Jan 2015

March for Homes: After the Rally
March for Homes: City Hall Rally

March for Homes: Poor Doors
March for Homes: Shoreditch to City Hall
March for Homes: Shoreditch Rally
‘Tin Pan Alley’ 12 Bar club faces eviction
SOAS Cleaners demand Dignity & Respect
Cleaners protest at Royal College of Surgeons
No Fracking Anywhere!
Gambians protest brutal repression

Occupy defy GLA ban on Democracy

CND Scrap Trident rally at Parliament
‘Wrap Up Trident’ surrounds Defence Ministry
Christian CND against Trident Replacement

West Hendon march for Social Housing
Class War visit ‘Rich London’
City Island – Lower Lea Crossing

Stop Arming Israel picket HP at BETT
What Are You Afraid of Boys?
Irish Famine is no laughing matter
Carnival March to End Taiji Dolphin Massacre
Solidarity with German anti-Pegida

‘Je Suis Charlie’ rally
13th Year of Guantanamo Shame
Free Shawki Ahmed Omar
Cirque du Soleil – Say No To Apartheid!
Oh! Mother Against Knife Crime

Pay John Lewis Cleaners a Living Wage
Vigil for Leelah Alcorn
New Year’s Day Walk


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