June comes to an end

A good question from the World Naked Bike Ride – though the picture could be tighter framed

I finished putting my work for June on-line at My London Diary a couple of weeks ago, and have also now written posts here about those events I felt I had something to say of interest about.  But although as I write August is halfway over, I still haven’t found the energy to start putting July’s events onto my diary.  Perhaps it will happen today, perhaps later in the week.

I see My London Diary as a record of some of the details of my life here and the events I cover rather than just the day to day reporting.  It covers a wider range of posts – including some things which definitely aren’t news, like some of my walks and holidays –  and goes into more depth telling stories through pictures than the selected images which are almost always uploaded the same day – if never as fast as Demotix and other agencies would like. Its an archive of my work rather than news, and largely a record of particular subcultures in a city in a particular era, and one that reflects on wider world issues. So although I think it important to keep on recording events day by day, keeping up to date on my web site is less of a priority.


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