London Open House: Trinity Buoy Wharf


I’ve been to Trinity Buoy Wharf at least half a dozen times over the years, as well as photographing it from the River Thames and North Greenwich. For some time it has been home to a number of artists and I’ve visited several of their studios, as well as going to a very nice party there on the riverside with splendid views across to the Millenium Dome.

July 2000

So it was good to pay another visit during the event there as a part of the London Open House event and to see how things were progressing. The answer is rather slowly – one of the displays was a model of the prize-winning bridge design to provide a walkway from Canning Town station to the site, which appears to be no nearer completion than when the prize was awarded a couple of years ago.

Longplayer of course continues in the Lighthouse there – another 992 or so years to go in this lengthy musical work in London’s only lighthouse. The biggest change since my earlier visits is ‘Container City,’ an artists’ complex made – as the name says – from containers, and there is now a new building close to the bank on the west of the site.

More pictures from my visit on Saturday on My London Diary

As a part of the event, there was a free ferry service across the river to the pier at North Greenwich. So I took it and walked the 3 miles or so to Greenwich.

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