Time March is On

Time March is on is certainly what I’ve been thinking for a while about My London Diary, though it was a lot easier to think than to do.  There are 38 stories in the month and as usual the odd little things that get missed out or where there simply wasn’t a story to be told.  And of course although its my diary, there are aspects of my life that for various reasons don’t get recorded in it.

But I think this is complete now:

March 2014

Keep Soho Sexy

World Sindhi Congress Protest

Mothers Against Fracking

Fellow Students Fight for Yashika
Kilburn Uniform Day
Mothers march for justice
Teachers March on NUT Strike Day
Wandsworth Panoramas

Kites Not Drones Solidarity with Afghanistan
Stand Up to Racism
SOAS Cleaners Strike Again
Japanese Dolphin Massacre Protest
Druids celebrate the Spring Equinox

People’s Assembly Budget Day Protest
Protest over Uganda Gay Hate Laws
Fracked Future Carnival at Shale Gas Forum
Fracked Future Carnival in Knightsbridge
Climate Revolution March to Fracked Future Carnival
SOAS Insight Day – Justice for Cleaners
Save Our Lions – Ban Canned Hunting
English Volunteer Force march in London
Fukushima Nuclear Melt-down Remembered
Syrians March for International Action
London March for Freedom for Tibet
Ukraine Vigil

End Sexual Abuse at Yarl’s Wood
Badger Army Says End Culls
Pay UAL Cleaners a Living Wage
Stop Hospital Killer Clause 119
Reopen Chase Farm A&E
Million Women Rise March
Outraged Lawyers Legal Aid Protest
London is not for sale
Anniversary Tribute to Chavez
Ash Wednesday Act of Resistance

SOAS Cleaners Picket Line
City of London Pancake Races
Against Worldwide Government Corruption


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