Ridgers on Slate

It’s great to see an old friend of mine getting some of the recognition he deserves and the article on the US Slate magazine Portraits of the London Punk Movement of the 1970s and ’80s by Sophie Butcher, published yesterday when Derek Ridgers was signing copies of his latest book at a New York book shop, has some large images of his work.

In the piece Derek says “I’ve documented clubs for five decades. I’ve got a 240-page book in the making (about that period titled The Dark Carnival). You could say I don’t need any more photos, so I’ll stop when I get a publisher for the next book”. Though I’m not sure I believe him about stopping.

He has amassed a huge body of work over the years – and as he says the two books so far cover less than 2% of what he took in that period. In a Facebook comment he says “I’m still scanning stuff from that time and, who knows, there may be more books.”

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