Diana Markosian

Thanks to Pete Brook on Wired’s Raw File for a post Fantastic Photos of Chechen Culture From a Young Phenom about the work of 24 year old documentary photographer Diana Markosian.  The interview with her is worth reading and talks about several other projects.

You can also see her work on her web site.

It took me a little time to work out how to see more than a single picture for any of the projects, though this could be a peculiarity of my browser, Firefox or its settings. The only way I could find to see more was to use the button with four arrows at the extreme bottom right of the page to go to full-screen view. Clicking anywhere on the screen then moves on to the next image. It’s mildly annoying to have to do this (and rather frustrating until you work out how to) but it does let you see large and detailed versions of her pictures.

I’m very impressed by her work and many others have been too. I’ve seen some of the images published before, in Lens, Foto8 etc, but never taken a good look at her work as a whole.


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