June Complete

I finished putting all of my posts for June 2013 on My London Dairy a few days ago, but haven’t yet found the energy to start on July. Partly its because I’ve had a busy couple of weeks, partly it’s the heat which has been getting me down, but mainly it’s because I’ve been having an argument with Lightroom, which has been refusing to open my main image catalogue.

I’m a great fan of Lightroom, and one of many good things about it is that it is a non-destructive program, one that doesn’t alter your RAW images files at all. It isn’t really a great problem that I can’t open the catalogue, because all the image files are there, and all I have lost is Lightroom’s records of the rankings and edits I’ve made since the last backup – assuming that I can get that to load. It’s a matter of a few hours work, and in particular it means going through and re-editing around ten days of files to select and write out the files for My London Diary.

I kept meaning to start a new image catalogue, but hadn’t got around to it before, so at least the problem has made me do something I should have done ages ago.

Of course my first thought was to go on-line and look up what to do if an catalogue file gives the error message I was getting. There seemed to be a simple answer – delete the lock file, but when I checked I found I didn’t have one.  Nor were the file permissions the problem. I think Lightroom had crashed loading the file (perhaps because it was too big?) and it is corrupted. But if any Lightroom guru thinks they know the answer to my problem I’d welcome suggestions. Otherwise I’ll try to convert my old Lightroom 4 file to Lightroom 5 again.

Anyway, here is June at last, with a few things I’ve not mentioned on >Re:PHOTO. It was a pretty busy month for protests, but perhaps things will quieten down soon with politicians and students both taking a summer break.

Jun 2013

Morsi must go say Egyptian People
Pride Celebrates Love and Marriage

UAF Oppose, EDL Don’t Come
Cleaners Surprise Senate House Invasion

Say No To Torture
Stratford Greenway Olympic Revisit
Victoria Dock and Silvertown
Emirates ‘Airline’ – Arab Dangleway

Teachers March for Education
Gurdwara Rebuilt After Arson
Dykes March
ENA Meet Left Opposition
Anonymous Occupy the Grass
Action Not Talk?
People’s Assembly
TUC Support for Turkish Protests

Waiting for Assange
Turks continue fight
No Intervention in Syria
‘Human Meat’ – Close Slaughterhouses
‘They Owe Us’ G8 Protest
Shaker Aamer Daily Vigil Continues
Canadian Foreign Service Protest
Harper, we don’t want your dirty oil!
G8 Protest Against Arms Dealers
Shaker Aamer Vigil Continues
J11 Carnival against Capitalism
Lobby Urges ‘Save Workers Lives’
World Naked Bike Ride
Big IF Solidarity Walk
No to G8 New Alliance on Food Security
Outrage outside G4S AGM

Brian Griffin Book Launch
London University Security Guards
For and against Gay Marriage
Save Legal Aid & British Justice
Stop Deporting Lesbians to Uganda
Bring Shaker Aamer Home Vigil
Anti-Fascists Stop BNP Wreath Laying
BNP Exploiting Woolwich Killing Stopped
Cull Politicians, Not Badgers
London Supports Turkish Spring


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