July Summary

July 2012

© 2012, Peter Marshall

March for a People’s Olympics
Cycling the Grand Union
Austerity Games on Hackney Marshes
Cyclists Protest Olympic Towpath Closure
Cody Dock Open Day
Olympic Views

© 2012, Peter Marshall
Police Deny Olympic Residents Access
Newham’s Shame – Carpenters Estate
Olympic Flame at Stratford 6 Days Early

© 2012, Peter Marshall
Stop Military Brutality against Nasa People
No To Minas Conga in Peru
Cleaners Continue Fight at John Lewis
What the Dickens Mr Cameron?
Cabbies Zil Lane Protest Halts Traffic
Our Lady of Mount Carmel

© 2012, Peter Marshall
John Lewis cleaners step up protest
Solidarity with the Bahraini prisoners

© 2012, Peter Marshall
PETA ‘Spare the Bears’ March
Tenants Protest Letting Agents Scam
Cleaners Strike at John Lewis
Sacrifice For Spain Remembered

© 2012, Peter Marshall
WorldPride London
Wet Walk in Bucks
London Walk
Pensioners Protest at Westminster
Right To Work: Downing St & Barclays
Strengthen Not Cut Safety Rules

July was a busy month for various reasons, one of the the Olympics, although I decided against getting accreditation to photograph that – not really my kind of thing. I’d intended to take a holiday at the end of the month, but somehow that didn’t happen. It didn’t help that I wasn’t sure if Linda would get her passport renewed in time, but she did, then decided to go to Sheffield for which I don’t think she needed it. Though my son and his family took theirs to go to Eton Dorney, as ID was needed to watch the Olympic canoeing. The security there was all carried out by soldiers and they say it was very relaxed, and they enjoyed the sport.

As a cyclist, I’m pleased that cyclists, particularly Mr Wiggins, has done well – even if is is ill-informed about helmets and making cyclists wear them would result in more deaths, not less, though they are probably good for kids who fall off their bikes at low speed. I would have liked to have been there on the Champs Elysée when he won the Tour de France, rather more of an event than anything in the Olympics. But more people on bikes will mean – at least in the longer term – safer roads, and also healthier people who live longer.

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