What do you wish you’d known?

EPUK (Editorial Photographers UK) had the great idea of asking a selection of their members what they wished they had known when they started in the business. As might be expected, they got some rather varied answers, including one from the guy who regrets keeping “the can of compressed air, the can of WD-40 and the can of spray mount on the same shelf“.


Had he read my advice, he would have known he should in any case have been using a Hurricane or Rocket Blower on his sensor and not wasting the planet on doubtful products, which are tricky to remove. And almost certainly non-archival, though that was probably the least of his worries.


You might like to guess some of the other things before you go to the article. But while there, don’t miss the link to Sqweegee’s Blog on the site. The latest posting is about the Plodshop Creative Suite, “developed by Warren Terror Software, is designed to address major security issues in industry standard photo manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop and Tesco PhotoRestyle.”

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