Witold Krassowski – Sackcloth and Ashes

Many UK photographers will remember Witold Krassowski who worked in London with Network Photographers from 1988-2005 and was also for the first five years here a freelance for The Independent.

On his web site you can read the story by Colin Jacobson of how he came to work for the Independent, having come to London to work as a house painter and you can also see some fine pictures from his work in Poland, Britain, India, Mongolia and Afghanistan as well as portraits and some commercial work.

Others will know him from his pictures in a couple of World Press Photo shows, and rather more awards in Poland, where I met him as vice-president of the Association of Polish Art Photographers. He’s led a Master Class for the WPP in Amsterdam, taught at Pathshala in Dhaka and been lecturer and deputy dean at the Faculty of Media Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw

But although his work has appeared in many publications and he has had a couple of books published in Poland, one on the social revolution at the end of communism in 1989 in that country and a second of portraits of much later of actors whose careers were dramatically changed by that political event, there has not yet been a book to present the breadth of his work over the years

Sackcloth and Ashes, Photographs by Witold Krassowski is described as “A lifetime of unstaged work on 35mm underlining human unity across borders and cultures.” With 119 black and white images, taken entirely on film, between 1985 and 2007 it represents his project to document “the commonality of human fate and the unity of mankind that stretches beyond culture and politics. “

But the book does not yet exist, and its publication depends on a Kickstarter campaign raising the £8,000 needed by April 1st. You can read much more about the book and why Krassowski feels it important that it should be published. By pledging £40 or more you can get a signed copy on publication, while for larger pledges there are further rewards.

Sackcloth and Ashes, Photographs by Witold Krassowski

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