Name the Photographer

A nice little photo quiz from James Pomerantz on his A Photo Student blog – all you have to do is to name the photographer responsible for the 50 pictures he is posting in five installments (and 40 are already on line as I write.)

Some are pretty easy, one or two I’d be ashamed to know. So far my average is around five or six out of ten, though I could take a decent guess at a few more and probably find the answers fairly simply on line. But I don’t intend to answer, not least as the prize is some outdated film.

It’s probably not as outdated as some of the film I have around the place, but really I feel all film is outdated now.

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  1. ChrisL says:

    I found this a bit like “Ravens” and the BJP you posted on, Crow Country. Many are condescendingly easy but I will own up to be challenged by some, alright, quite a few.

  2. Probably its the easy ones I can do!

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