Berlin Wall falls

Click on the “vimeo” in the image above to go to Vimeo to view this video larger rather than look at it here. And when you are in Vimeo make the video full-screen and sit back and enjoy. I think I prefer it with the sound muted though it’s not intrusive but I don’t think adds anything to the images.

Twins Peter Turnley and David Turnley both covered the events leading up to and during the ‘Fall of the Berlin Wall’ in 1989 – and certainly from the pictures at times worked together there. That same year Peter Turnley was awarded the prestigious Overseas Press Club Olivier Rebbot Award, and David Turnley was awarded the Overseas Press Club Robert Capa Gold Medal of Courage and the Pulitzer Prize for Photography.

Although the wall “fell” on 9th November it was not until 23rd December that there was entirely free movement between the two sides As some of these pictures show many “wall woodpeckers” went to work pretty much straight away collecting souvenirs and there were unofficial openings made, it was only in the following June that the official demolition of the wall began.

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